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  • Manual

    With the utmost care for our valued customers, we recommend that you read the product’s user manual prior to its use.

    – Always keep the mattress in an upright position during transport, placing the mattress on a firm flat surface when in use. Placing the mattress on a surface that is not sturdy or is uneven will easily deform and reduce the lifespan of the mattress, possibly even damaging the mattress. In such circumstances, we may deny warranty coverage. When the mattress size is 1.6m or Queen size and over, the bed or divan needs to have enhanced support (e.g., supportive footing in the middle).

    – Mattress needs to have nylon cover layer removed 3 to 5 hours prior to use. A new mattress will always be ingrained with characteristic smells associated with its materials, however there are no adverse effects to health, and such smells should disappear within a few weeks of use.

    – Use soft bed sheets with high absorption resistance, of good quality, as to avoid discoloring the mattress’s surface and at the same time minimizing penetration of body perspirations, which may reduce the longevity of the mattress. The use of bed sheets exteriorly to cover the mattress will also prevent food, drinks, and dust from coming in contact with your mattress.

    – Reverse (flip) mattress side (for double-sided mattress) and rotate orientation (for pillow top mattress) once every 3 months so the mattress can best adapt to your usage habits.

  • Recommend general use

    Do not place mattress under direct sunlight or rain. High temperatures and humidity will directly affect the quality of products, especially products that use materials sensitive to environmental changes such as latex, foam, gel foam.

    Do not bleach, nor use chemicals to clean the mattress. We recommend minimizing the use of cleaning chemicals or directly laundering the mattress. If you experience staining issues, you may use a dry cleaning method or a high absorption cloth to wipe lightly and a fan to blow dry before re-wrapping it in protective drapes for continued use. Please note, do not sun-dry or dry by blow-dryer.

    Do not apply external force of over 80kg/dm2 to impact the mattress in any way. We design mattress based upon calculations accounting for entire body surfaces coming into contact with the mattress, with components designed to distribute body mass evenly while you sleep. The concentration of weight placed upon a focal point will cause structural changes to the mattress. Therefore, the application of unusual forces to a small surface area such as jumping, or placing a heavy object for a prolonged period of time on the product, is not recommended.

    Do not drag or bend the mattress in any way. The mattress must always be kept in a linear position to ensure that its structural integrity remains unchanged. A number of foam mattresses may allow for bending during transport at confined spaces; in such cases, please consult with a sales representative to assure that you will not cause changes to the mattress’s structure. Do not use the mattress handle to move or lift the mattress, as it is intended for use only to assist you in adjusting the mattress within a small area while changing bed sheets. When moving the mattress, lift the mattress by holding on to its sides.

    Do not let water or any liquid spill onto the mattress. It is the reason we recommend that you use a mattress cover to protect the mattress when it is in use to minimize the penetration of liquids into the mattress. If not handled with care, build up of moisture and mildew, rusting of spring coils, and production of unpleasant odors may occur.



    – Warrantied when spring frame is depressed unevenly, exceeding 3cm. No warranty coverage for mattress cover.
    – Warrantied for spring coil defects puncturing mattress causing tearing of mattress fabric.


    – Warrantied when foam gut sags unevenly, exceeding 20% of product thickness. No warranty coverage for mattress cover.


    – Product must have valid warranty card, contain company stamp, and be within warranty period from the time of purchase.
    – The product is determined to be defective due to technical defects by manufacturer and the damaged component is included in the warranty contents.
    – The product must be intact, and must not have burns, tears, fluid penetration, stains or soiling.
    – Product must not have signs of tampering or disassembly, alteration of product structure, or self-repair.


    – The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse repair or invalidate warranty coverage when purchasing customer loses possession of warranty card, or does not follow instructions and recommendations for use from the manufacturer, or product damage is caused by user.

    – Warrantied only for defects from the manufacturer. The manufacturer reserves the right to make partial repair or complete replacement of the mattress if the manufacturer identifies the product as defective.

    – Complaints that do not correspond to warranty terms and conditions will not be accepted.

    – The warranty period is calculated from the date you receive the product from dealers, distributor. However, there will be no additional warranty period extended if there have been changes, repairs or any other issues.

    – With pillow top mattress products, a reduction in height up to 35mm over the course of use is considered normal. For non-pillow top products, this value is 25mm.

    – In addition to the cases mentioned above, the company will also not provide warranty service for the product if the product only contains minor defects related to manufacturing but do not affect the quality and functionality of the product.

    – Typically, each customer has a different perception about the level of comfort/pleasantness that a product brings compared to the majority of other users.