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Memory foam is a high-tech material, developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, U.S.A.) scientists with the purpose of protecting astronauts during extreme pressure due to gravitational acceleration.
With memory foam mattress, the force acting on your body is distributed evenly, ensuring your spinal alignment is always naturally straight during sleep. Distinctive auto-conforming impressions contouring and pressure distribution ability according to varying shapes and body weights help facilitate blood circulation, reduce back pain, bringing you a feeling of comfort, and a deeper, more refreshing sleep.


With the individually wrapped pocketed spring coil system, each spring is individually encased in an independent pocket and tightly coupled with adjacent units by modern high-frequency binding technology, maximizing spring density, increasing elasticity and weight bearing support ability, minimizing the spread of unwanted vibrations due to shifts in body positions – allowing for motion separation between sides of the bed, bringing you a perfect sleep.
Beyond expectations, we also produce high-end mattress lines utilizing 3-Zone / and 7-Zone pocketed springs, with designs optimized for varying support levels suitable for each zone of the body, delivering sensations of exceptional comfort for your sleep.


Our spring mattress uses steel frames imbued with high carbon content, tempered by modern high-frequency technology therefore has very high elasticity, ensuring absence of slumping after many years of use.


Natural Ventilated Latex, an environmentally friendly material, provides the best support for any position while in your bed. This superior support helps keep your spine naturally straight and promotes better health.